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Server non-graphical mode?
11-02-2006, 10:54 PM,
Currently we're just basically streaming a replay over the network, which consists of control inputs and, in case things get out of sync, the car's state (sent every second). The controls are then input into the second car and all of the normal physics are applied. This has some advantages in that 1) it's pretty low-bandwidth, 2) the car behavior should be generated perfectly, 3) cheating is virtually impossible, 4) there's no control or response lag. This has some disadvantages as well: 1) no collisions, 2) no prediction so you don't really know where the other player thinks you are (that is, the two versions of what's going on aren't synced up, although this could conceivably be hacked in).

Right now the bandwidth usage is pretty low, maybe 2.5k/s up 2.5k/s down. I'm not sure what we should expect....

As for how to improve all of this, I have a few ideas, but it seems like a fairly difficult problem. Catch me on IRC sometime and we can chat about it.

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