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Google Group as mailing list?
10-24-2006, 03:59 AM,
Google Group as mailing list?
Well we don't have mailing lists currently but some people have mentioned over time that they'd like a mailing list to discuss development issues (most saying they don't like forums). This is understandable in some respects but we have no way of running our own mailing list except through SourceForge (whose mailing list setup, some feel, is less than adequate). Today I had the idea of starting a Google Group, it would be external to our site but that would be fine by me since I won't have to maintain the software myself. Smile What do you guys think?

If not for development, we could also set up such a group just for announcements (new releases, etc.). I'd like to keep end-user support and bug reports to these forums and IRC however. If anyone is greatly in support of using google groups in some way or other, feel free to voice your opinion for it...

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