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Car Classes and some other suggestions.
09-03-2006, 08:14 AM,
Car Classes and some other suggestions.
What would make this look wonderfull would be making different classes for cars, but when playing online we could only choose the class that the server wanted. I was thinking in about 4classes, with only some cars each, one class for smaller cars(I don't know the name you gave to them in english but maybe HatchBack?), the second class would be faster cars, not supercars, not hatchbacks(sp?) cars like Honda Civic, Toyota Celica, and the list goes on. All these two classes are stock, the next class would be tuning, cars with some tuning Big Grin, the last class would be where you could put rally cars, crazy cars, trucks? lol everything that doesn't fit in the other classes. Now the problem is that my coding experience is very limited, if someone here is good with whatever the language the game is written, could make this, I can make some test cars(one for each class), I can make menus or even Loading Screens, Background Garages(I improve my skills on Graphic Designer everyday, so no more crappy "Improved Visual" menus Tongue.)

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