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Texture rendering in old VDrift version
08-11-2017, 05:41 AM,
Texture rendering in old VDrift version
First of all I need to thank you all for developing VDrift which I have been using for many years now in a neuroscience project.
For many reasons I can not move on from the code of 2007. I have now access to Nvidia Titan video cards in a Debian 8 system and 4k 3D monitors and have adapted the code here and there.
I need a bit of support on old texture rendering. I need to use the Weekend Drive task in a visual sensitive situation. All is fine except for the water "like" texture. I attached screenshots in the 2007 version and the new one (on purpose I drove down to the lake)
I know this is old story and the simple answer is move to new code, but I can not do that.
Please spend a bit of time and try to provide some support, even if only advice.
Thank you for your time.    

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Texture rendering in old VDrift version - by lucifesta - 08-11-2017, 05:41 AM

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