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New test build
06-25-2014, 05:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-25-2014, 06:07 AM by CrystalH.)
RE: New test build
Ok. Seems working to me. None crashed.
Tested gl2 deferred, gl3 deferred. I've set to rather high settings. So far I've seen didn't drop below 60fps.
Win7 64bit, i7 2600k, GTX 560 Ti

Bugs found:
XM handbrake doesn't work at all, TC6 either or is very weak
for M3D if you change wheels type, then front right wheel rim is 2x bigger, weird

1. Could you pls finally make the default binding keys, make auto set:
Held, Down for car input and
Once, Down for rest,menu etc, where appropriate.
It's really annoying to set it always with each key bind. I have to set like 8 keys at start.
And which new user will know that they need to set it so, really ?

2. By default there is no key assigned to reverse and forward, so basically if you hit a wall you're screwed. I see this as a fun killer for most users especially new ones. Could you implement auto reverse gear ? I think its quite standard and expected. If not then bind keys by default, maybe even show: R- reverse after hit.

3. I maybe even like the Gui (way easier than mine), but I would really like if the Back (and maybe OK,Cancel too) were always at top (above rest of menu items), so they're always in the same place and easier to press, no need to find them all the time. Or just make them orange or any other color, not white like rest. Or at least an empty line for separation.

4. Lastly: gauges. Would be nice really. Was the 1st thing I added long time ago.

Sorry to ruin your day. If you still read this, there is a very disappointing video:
I do believe this is how most new users see the game.

Sorry again. Just my 128 cent on the topic. Feel free to crash on SR forum and point out anything wrong if you like.

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