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some bugs
12-17-2010, 02:32 AM,
Re: some bugs
zimluura Wrote:* shader path seems broken atm. i can set all the options, but the renderer is still in flat shading mode. geforce 9800gt, ubuntu10.10, amd64. wish i hadn't ditched my last executable. but i'm getting a nicer detail level now, and it isn't taking very long between master (right->left mirror) and export versions (for the tc6 that took a _long_ time).

Indeed, looks like r2980 broke it for me, too. My NVIDIA 7900GT supports texture2dlod but apparently doesn't list it in the extensions, which makes sense because the drivers support OpenGL 2.1 and texture2dlod is in the OpenGL 2.1 spec (GLSL 1.20). VDrift already adds a "#version 120" statement to the all the shaders, which should spit out an intelligent error if the card doesn't support GLSL 1.20 and cause reversion to no-shader mode. The change in r2980 may be unnecessary. To make it work for now I added a check for OpenGL 2.1 support, since this makes the extension unnecessary.

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