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02-08-2010, 07:58 AM,
what ever happened to "real" reflections? ie, what is in this picture:

[Image: 2_shot022.bmp.jpg]

was it just too much work to implement after the rewrite?

also, does the game support objects not attached to the track? for example; a stack of blocks that scatter when hit?

sorry i've been posting so much lately, i just really want to see this game go somewhere. i think this is one of the most advanced free racing games and it deserves more attention. and in my opinion is the most advanced open source racing sim.(TORCS just doesn't feel right to me, you know?)

another thing; when i get a new computer i want to make a small preview trailer of the next version, whenever that comes out. like, high detail settings, cool car angles, music. and maybe post the video on linuxgames, ubuntuforums, etc.
i could tell them it's a fan-made trailer if you'd prefer.

well anyway, thanks for such an awesome game guys!

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