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[PATCH] Reverse lights
02-04-2010, 10:33 PM,
[PATCH] Reverse lights
This is one of the first eye-candies I wanted to see for VDrift. I tweaked some code and added a reverse light systems for cars, with appropriate textures for all cars that have taillights which support this (SVN data). It uses the same system as the brake lights, but a second lightening layer.

The only minor issue I couldn't fix (although I seen and modified part of the rendering code) is that brake lights won't show while reverse lights are active. So if you're in Reverse you won't be seeing the red lights as you brake. My coding experience is small and I can't figure where one layer overwrites the other, but if any dev could fix this I'd be grateful. Either way I hope this can be added to VDrift, even with the overwriting if there's no way to show both lights at the same time.

The patch can be downloaded here (I included the src files for backup): alt link

[Image: reverselights1.jpg]
[Image: reverselights2.jpg]
[Image: reverselights3.jpg]
[Image: reverselights4.jpg]

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