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Does V-Drift support a steering wheel and pedals?
12-06-2008, 12:13 PM,
Does V-Drift support a steering wheel and pedals?
I wasn't sure whether to put it here or the "extra features request"
forum, because if it already supports, I look like an ass. You see,
I was thinking about getting a steering wheel to play driving games
with a little more realism, but I'm trying to find a game (for linux) that
supports it. So far, this one seems the coolest and most probable
to support it. I wanted a game with the coolest 3D, least cartoon-ish,
and has the best simulation of what you would find in the real thing.
Most of these other racing games for linux feature penguins riding
go-carts, which is cool, but not for me. Bottom line: I need a game of this
nature, and I need to be able to use a steering wheel with it.

(Keyboard is not variable, mouse is too akward, and joystick
is not (in my opinion) real enough (You wouldn't find a joystick
in a real car, of course) )

Thanks for the help! Big Grin

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