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Build system
07-08-2005, 04:55 PM,
Build system
Very weird, I agree. Perhaps the headers for something else are on my system, it has a built in Intel video card that I don't use...the headers are probably in the kernel source. I looked and the does seem to look for the GL libs.Running does recreate those symlinks. Maybe we just need to add that to the installation instructions for Linux. I will update the FAQ entry and that same text could be distributed as the contents of the INSTALL file so people will be able to find them in the source distribution and know what to do if their install-sh file's symlink is broken or something.Here's the section of the automake docs that talk about how to set up an install target. I think it could be easily set up, in Anjuta there is a tab under Project -> Configure Project where you can add to the end of the top level is also worth noting that Anjuta 2.0 is out now and it might have better/newer build system integrated than 1.2 (which is what I'm using) which might get rid of some of those errors we see while running

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