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new comer - jack53 - 07-08-2008

hi everyone
Im using a PPC G5 iMac to play Vdrift on, i have been doing a bit of reading on the forum and there looks to be a look of version of vdrift floating around and i was wondering what version is every PPC mac user using.
I also find it every hard to just get the car to drift and hold the drift, i also find the handling is every hard to get use to and as soon as you head off the track i spring out was that meant to be part of the game? .
Im using Vdrift version 2007-03-23

thanks jack

- joevenzon - 07-08-2008

I don't have a mac, but I see there was a 2-23-08 release that you might want to try:

Regarding your trouble drifting... what sort of controller are you using? It's really difficult to drive precisely without a gamepad that has two analog sticks (or a steering wheel, of course).

Yes, you are meant to spin out if you go off the track.

- jack53 - 07-08-2008

thanks for the help
im using a keyboard so that could be my problem with drifting.
i tryed that link and downloaded but the cars don't sound any thing like a car it sound like a big water fall or something and there is only are 4 cars and 2 track will you be making a version with more cars and tracks?

thanks for the help

- joevenzon - 07-09-2008

Oh right... the PPC sound bug wasn't fixed yet in that release. You probably shouldn't use it then, unless you don't mind turning off the sound.

The full data for all cars and tracks is in our SVN repository. For more recent releases we try to just include a small subset of them so people don't have to download so much if they don't want to.

Driving with the keyboard is really hard, and drifting is almost impossible. Even with a gamepad I can only sort of drift....

- jack53 - 07-09-2008

ok thanks for your help i think that will use the 2007-03-23