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if you want to redesign your Code ... - feldmaus - 05-19-2008

Hi All,

if you really want to redesign the Code, maybe you should
get a stable Base like this Project,
This Car Simulator behavies really good.
I think it would be a good Base.
If you want to spend a lot of Time again, ok it is your Decision.

Regards Markus

- joevenzon - 05-19-2008

I still want to rewrite things from the ground up for a lot of reasons, but this will be a good reference. Thanks for the link!

- feldmaus - 05-28-2008

I tried this Game, and the Physic Engine runs very fine. The Developer get ODE as Physik Engine.
Did you try this Game ?
This Game seems to be very well working.

They also develop a Tank Simulation. :-)

Regards Markus