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current status of "Force Feedback" in Vdrfit? - hjochim - 04-08-2008

Hy *,

can anyone tell me what the current status of "Force Feedback" is in Vdrift? Is it fully implemented, partly, not at all, only for certain OS'? In my Mac OS X build of Vdrift, in the controller section I can see at least some greyed-out options for "Force Feedback". The forum search lists also some (older) threads about it but nothing like "it is fully supported and functional".

I am asking, because I want to buy a FF steering wheel.


- kcid - 04-08-2008

Hi Hjochim,

As far as I know force feedback is implemented for linux. It's not yet fully tested and functional as far as I know.



- abs1nth - 04-09-2008

just FYI i plan to implement force feedback support on osx, but i won't have time before summer.

- hjochim - 05-07-2008

Just to be sure:

I have build Vdrift SVN r1986 once again with "scons force_feedback=1" (instead of just "scons"). Now the former greyed-out force feedback options are selectable and editable. But when I start a race I get the debug output ...

Force feedback device: /dev/input/event0
Force feedback gain: 2
Force feedback inverted: 0
1 joystick(s) found:
    0. Logitech  Logitech MOMO Racing
ERROR: no suitable x-axis found [src/forcefeedback.cpp:51]
Disabled force feedback.

... and force feedback is not working. Is this the status of force feedback right now? (I just want to be sure that I am not missing something.)



- BigT - 08-31-2008


This would be really nice!

I found VDrift a few weeks ago, looking for an OSX freeware to test an old MS joystick.

VDrift was so amazing to play that on the same day I went to buy a steering wheel.

Its a SpeedLink 4in1 with FFB. I'am very curios about the FFB experience with VDrift.

Compliments to all who are working on this project, really really great fun!