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CVS - gianni - 07-07-2005

I have a little request for this wonderfull game (i check the forums every day for news and new versions). For people like me with low speed internet connection, it's possible to create a cvs project to make a daily update? Thanks in advance and sorry for my english... Gianni

CVS - joevenzon - 07-07-2005

That sounds reasonable, but I've never set up sourceforge CVS, so I'll have to look into it.

CVS - gianni - 07-09-2005

Please, do it! It's the best way to attract people coding and contribuiting into this project.I have a dream, play to an open source clone of Gran Turismo 3 or GT4, but maybe one day...

CVS - thelusiv - 07-10-2005

What about CLUG could host it.

CVS - gianni - 07-10-2005

For me it's the same, my principal request it's a repository. If subversion is better than cvs, for me it's good.I would say again many thanks to developers for this wonderfull game :-)Ciao, Gianni

CVS - charlieg - 08-09-2005

You can get a subversion repo with a <a>Berlios</a> account.If you don't want to use Subversion or CVS, try Darcs. It's very easy to set up and update repos if you have ssh access to your web server. Personally, I'd say Darcs was easier to use than CVS or Subversion.

CVS - thelusiv - 08-09-2005

Thanks for the tip, but we're already hosting our own SVN server (and quite happy with it).