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Application - idibel - 01-08-2008

Hi All

I want to devlope a C/C++ or VB Application that s runs simultaneously with vdrift wenn i start it ,this application muss read values of the double variable “enginespeed” in “Car.h line 490” and display it . have anyone a simple idea to make it? thanks

- thelusiv - 01-08-2008

There is currently no interface to get data from VDrift to another application. You would have to modify the VDrift source and compile it yourself with your own special hooks for data.

- idibel - 01-09-2008

Thank you for the reply , i m not a good c ++ programmer ,should i modify something like server-client application ??

- kidrock - 01-12-2008

I would just stay away from it. it would be very hard and take lots of time, and will probably end with failure. but do what you wish, im just giving my opinion.

- thelusiv - 01-21-2008

Adding a car data API should be a VDrift development goal...