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GOKART! - luk156 - 12-31-2007

sorry for my english -

Someone can develop a gokart with a simple circuit?

we can create something like a "fork", a version of vdrift with kart and lap for them. So we can attract more people to the project.

praise for vdrift!!!!

- thelusiv - 01-03-2008

Hi, welcome. Before going down the road of forking VDrift and all that fun, you should look into one or both of these projects:

SuperTuxKart uses Bullet for physics now, and top10 may still be using VAMOS.

- luk156 - 01-11-2008

have you ever seen them?

they aren't confrontable width the quality of vdrift. I'm sure that it's less difficult develop a kart and a simple circuit for vdrift than wait a good maturity for the others 2 projects

- thelusiv - 01-11-2008

Well, perhaps you can take some GPL karts and tracks from these projects and import them to VDrift format.

- kidrock - 01-12-2008

Now really thelusiv, it wouldnt be that hard to make a gokart lol. it seems like fun!