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Engine cut-out button. - dskid807 - 12-27-2007

What I think would be nice is an engine cut out button to kill the engine at any moment because sometimes I want to kill the engine but shifting into reverse sends the car into a spin so I'm wondering if it could be implemented.

- joevenzon - 12-27-2007

Just out of curiosity, why would you want to kill the engine?

- dskid807 - 12-28-2007

When I'm on the verge of running out of fuel for example and it's a downhill I could save the rest of the fuel for an uphill. Plus I wanna be able to see if the car can go round the track under it's own momentum from the previous lap.

- thelusiv - 12-29-2007

Hmmm, what if the start engine control cut the engine off when used with the engine already on. Right now, if you push the engine start control with the engine already on, it just sets your RPM to the idle speed, which is a little funky. I've been wondering what to replace that behavior with, and this might be the thing to do...

- dskid807 - 12-30-2007

That would work.

- thelusiv - 12-31-2007

By the way, you can rest assured that you would not be able to roll around the track in neutral with the engine off, even after a very fast lap.