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Stupid to start the game? - nipun_jain - 11-19-2007

I installed the game on my ubuntu 7 system using synaptic. But there's no icon in the games menu and nor is there any binary called vdrift or similar anywhere in the /usr/share/games/vrift directory. So how do I actually start the game?

- kidrock - 11-19-2007

depends what directory you installed it in lmao... search for it

- nipun_jain - 11-20-2007

I have already mentioned the only vdrift directory I could find. Is it not the one where it's installed? What's the default installation path then as synaptic installed it itself...and I can't seem to find it's binary file anywhere. What's the name of the binary, so I could run a search for it...

- joevenzon - 11-20-2007

The binary name is just "vdrift". I didn't make the synaptic package, so I'm not sure where it's putting what.

- nipun_jain - 11-20-2007

Someone helped me out on your irc channel and it turns out that the version available via synaptic is ancient...i have removed it and will try with a latest version. Smile