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FFB-Device Chooser in Controls menu - Noneus - 09-03-2007

Hi there,
It would be nice to have a FFB-Device Chooser in the Control menus. I often detach my wheel from my pc and connect it again and sometimes the event* has changed.

- joevenzon - 09-09-2007

For an immediate fix, you can change the ffb device in the ~/.vdrift/VDrift.config file

- thelusiv - 09-10-2007

I'll be the first to admit that the force-feedback support I coded in to VDrift was a hack, it's not included in the menus because it doesn't work on all platforms. So the issue you're experiencing is a side effect of all that, and until we have full Win/Linux/OS X support for FF it won't make it into the menus. When it does, expect a fully featured force feedback configuration menu.