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Bugs in minimal - ToraToraTora - 08-17-2007

I have downloaded the vdrift-setup-2007-03-23-minimal.exe and the (im a 56k so i will never try the full :cry: )
The game work fine but there are some bugs :

in practice mode :
1) if u press 'record session' there is no sound in game
2) if u press pause and,in the menu,'restart game',there is no more sound in game.That dont happen if u ,for restart the game,press 'R' during the practice session.

in single race mode:
1) In the screenshot is what i can see in the single race menu....there are no button for start the race and no mouse pointer.
[Image: 168fs334920_th.jpg]

- joevenzon - 08-17-2007

The sound issues have been fixed in SVN (and it sounds a lot better, too). I also re-wrote the rendering engine. Once we finish up fixing a few more bugs, we can hopefully push out a release....