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Add VDrift to - charlieg - 08-16-2007

You should add vdrift to - it's a fascinating open source networking and analysis site.

I would have done it but your svn link doesn't list anything so didn't want to fubar up a vdrift entry to ohloh.

- joevenzon - 08-17-2007

Okay, added it:

- thelusiv - 08-27-2007

I'm on now, but it doesn't show a little pin for me. :\

- thelusiv - 08-27-2007

I fixed that, apparently before it hadn't read all of our SVN logs yet, so it could not yet associate me with my SVN user.

To all of you who have made commits to VDrift in the past, it would be nice if you made a user there and associated yourself with the VDrift project. That way our contributors map will have lots of pretty pins on it. Big Grin

- cotharyus - 08-27-2007

Ok - I added myself.

- joevenzon - 08-27-2007

Alright, I'm all contributor'ed up. You can see my lonely little pin on the west side of the US.