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car settings - mpo - 06-26-2007

Hi, i want to use vdrift for a school project but i have a problem. I need that the car has the most realistic behaviour that is possible. In this game the car "drift" a lot in the curves. Is possible to have a more realistic behaviour by changing some parameters of the car model (maybe wheels, suspensions or something else)? If it is possible, which parameters i have to change?


- kidrock - 06-26-2007

The cars generally dont drift that much but what you can do is change the friction (make it higher) to make it harder to drift. problem is though, that speed is affected too.

- joevenzon - 06-26-2007

mpo: if you open up the files with a text editor, you can adjust parameters. You'll get the must bang for your buck by adjusting the series of variables (a0, a1, etc) in the "tires" sections. I've put more information on the various car parameters in the vdrift wiki. See: