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sensors with three degrees of freedom - mpo - 05-29-2007

Hi, i'm a student and i'm going to use vdrift for a school project. Some one know if the game have a support for sensors with three degrees of freedom, to modify runtime the point of view of the player. If it is possible, which are the modules interested? I also want to know if the game can control more peripherals in the same time (for example one to control the car and one like a tracking device).

thanks so much. Smile

- joevenzon - 05-29-2007

The code to modify the view is in src/ Look for this line:
else if (cammode == CMInCar)
You can clear out the code in that "else if" block if you want... the end result is to set cam.position to where you want the camera to be and cam.dir to where you want to camera to look. The camera direction is stored as a quaternion.

- thelusiv - 05-30-2007

So what kind of project is it?

- mpo - 06-08-2007

In this project i have to interface the game with an helmet used for the virtual reality.

- thelusiv - 06-08-2007

That sounds cool. If you take any video or screenshots of your project as you work on it, we'd love to see them.

- kidrock - 06-20-2007

Hmm this does sound kool. pls get some pics!