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R for reset? - protomor - 04-26-2007

Everytime I hit the R button, i get started back at the start line. Can you just make it so it puts you back in the middle of the track where you went off? Also, I cant figure out how to rebind it to another key.

- thelusiv - 04-26-2007

We used to have it go to the middle of the track, but meant to remove the feature entirely since it's not realistic (also there were some problems with it). It's possible we could put it back...probably a low priority though.

- thelusiv - 04-27-2007

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how to change it. It's in the default controls file but not in the menu, so just remove that line or change it manually by editing the controls file. It should be in the same place as your VDrift.config, something like C:\Documents & Settings\protomor\.vdrift\controls.

Since it doesn't have a file extension Windows will not recognize this file as a text file. You'll probably have to use Open With to open it. Also the crappy text editors that come with windows don't support Unix style text files, so you'll need something better (like Notepad++ or Notepad2) to edit them properly.