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2007-03-23 Version: Drivers view - cologne - 03-25-2007

I can´t see any difference between the original F1-Car and my modified version

[ driver ]
view-position = -0.11, 0.00, 0.03

[ driver ]
view-position = 0.00, -1.10, 0.05


- thelusiv - 03-25-2007

Are you sure you changed the file that the game is loading, and not the one from your SVN-checkout?

- cologne - 03-26-2007

I don´t use SVN.

I made four complete F1 definitions with different names.
I can choose these types and they have different properties.

Changing the view-position in the original F1 file has no effect. ?
Possibly the programm takes a 0,0,0 position?

- thelusiv - 03-26-2007

I'm not sure why it doesn't have an effect. It should, the game reads the car files every time it loads a car, and that's where it gets the car position. If the driver view was 0,0,0 I think you wouldn't be able to see out of the car. If you want you could send me your file that you think isn't working and I could try it out.

- cologne - 03-26-2007

Changing cordinates fixed the problem (http//

# older realease vdrift-2006-10-06
#view-position = 0.00, -1.10, 0.05

# 2007-03-23
# length, width, height X, Y, Z
view-position = -1.10, 0.00, 0.05
hood-mounted-view-position = -1.1, 0.0, 0.6

- thelusiv - 03-26-2007

Ah yes, that's right - coordinates are in the order Y, X, Z. If you open the Blender file you can see exactly where the coordinates lie. Relative to Blender coordinates the X values are opposite (in VDrift X=1.0 is the same as X=-1.0 in Blender). The .blend files for most of the cars are in the VDrift art repository.

- cologne - 03-27-2007

Quote:The .blend files for most of the cars are in the VDrift art repository.

? Where? I don´t find this!

- thelusiv - 03-27-2007

- cologne - 03-27-2007

Oh! Thanks!
I didn´t see the selectbox in the top-right corner of the page! -(

Nice to have the model-file. The F1-model is much to large, the wheelbase is 4.40 m versus real 3,10 m. I will adjust all dimensions. -)

- thelusiv - 03-27-2007

Make sure when you scale the model to scale all other models proportionally, and also (this is very important) keep the object centers the same. I'm not sure if the F1 has an interior or glass model, but these must share the same object center as the body or they will not line up correctly.

Good catch, though. I thought it was too big. You might want to measure by overall length and not wheelbase since it's a little easier that way.

- joevenzon - 03-28-2007

When re-scaling in blender, either 1) rescale in edit mode or 2) if you rescale in object mode, make sure you do a "[SPACEBAR]->Transform->Clear/Apply->Apply Scale/Rotation" before exporting. Also, make sure you don't move the object at all in object mode. If you do, clear it by doing "[SPACEBAR]->Transform->Clear/Apply->Clear Location" before exporting.

- joevenzon - 03-28-2007

Also, while you're fixing up our F1 car, any idea where we could get better sounds (uncopyrighted)? The engine sound we have wasn't really meant to go up to tens of thousands of revs. Ideally it'd be nice to find an F1 engine sound at various revs, so we could blend between them.

- thelusiv - 03-28-2007

Not sure if it would be legal for us to use sounds from this, but check out this commercial, and turn up the audio...!

- reece146 - 03-28-2007

thelusiv Wrote:Not sure if it would be legal for us to use sounds from this, but check out this commercial, and turn up the audio...!

I don't see why not - no different than the sampling that music artists do. Besides, the burden of proof and the transition from base sound to new sound makes a complelling case to use the sounds. But I'm not a lawyer.

- thelusiv - 03-28-2007

Good point, anybody want to try getting some samples from the video? I have a copy of it in .mov format if that makes it easier.