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- thelusiv - 03-22-2007

I'll put up a full data package soon. The old data is not formatted right for the new version of the game.

- rishabh - 03-22-2007

When I try changing the car, the game ends, because

>error loading texture file >"/usr/share/games/vdrift/data/cars/XM/textures/shadow.png"...

But the same file happens to be there, but not in the folder it's looking for, but in data/cars/XM/textures/large/shadow.png

So I copied all those files into the data/cars/XM/textures folder, and it works!! I get the "XM" car!

But why are they all in "small", "medium" and "large" folders?

- thelusiv - 03-23-2007

There is more that has changed in the old data besides moving around of textures. If you really want the new data it would take you less time to check it out from SVN than to try to fix the old data. I really don't recommend using the old data at all.

- rishabh - 03-25-2007

And now I have another problem:
Whenever I play, the sound is choppy, but the game moves smoothly otherwise. This is a fairly new problem though, it started only today; I've been playing for the past few days.


- thelusiv - 03-25-2007

See the release notes, this is a known issue for Single Race mode.

- rishabh - 03-25-2007

So how exactly do I get rid of it?

- thelusiv - 03-25-2007

We're working on a replacement sound engine so hopefully we can fix this issue by next release.

- rishabh - 03-26-2007

But why the *sudden* breakdown? This wasn't happening for a few days...

- thelusiv - 03-26-2007

Maybe before you were using Practice Game, the problems are not as apparent there.

- rishabh - 03-27-2007

It appears to be just as bad anywhere.

- thelusiv - 03-27-2007

Well there are several different sound problems.
1. clicking/popping in the sound on non-windows platforms. OpenAL only does hardware sound mixing on windows
2. missing sounds when there are many sounds in use. this shows up in single race mode, your engine sound disappears but you can hear others
3. the sound is completely off, when you restart a game from the pause menu, but comes back when you leave a game and return.

All three of these problems have been present for a long time, trust me Wink

- rishabh - 03-27-2007

I trust you. Smile
And I can't use another sound driver?

- thelusiv - 03-27-2007

No, OpenAL is the only supported sound library.

- rishabh - 03-27-2007

Alright. I'll wait. :roll:

- joevenzon - 03-27-2007

The current source code SVN has a new sound library that may fix all of these problems. Hopefully it won't be a huge wait for the next release, like it was with this one. :-)