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SVN - jpenguin - 02-15-2007

Could some one please download the current SVN and compress it (rar or zip), and upload it to the "vDrift section of my forum at

- thelusiv - 02-15-2007

We use SVN so that we don't have to spend our dev time making nightly source archives for people. You can just check it out yourself. Look here for instructions:

- jpenguin - 02-15-2007

On my 28.8k internet connection the SVN keeps stalling, and I downloaded aboout 200mb of the code, and it will NOT continue.

- thelusiv - 02-15-2007

I'm not sure why it won't continue, but I suggest you just wait for the release. I swear it's going to be soon... Smile

it's not that hard - jpenguin - 02-16-2007

all I want is an SVN snapshot, you can even upload it to my server if you want

- thelusiv - 02-19-2007

Sorry for deleting your other thread, but it was redundant...also I'm sorry I don't have time to do this, an SVN checkout is really huge, because of all the SVN metadata. If someone else wants to do it that's fine. Please keep the topic to this thread only.