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EXTERNAL GAUGES - jpenguin - 01-28-2007

I think it would be great if vDrift could export gauge informatiion (fuel, speed, temp) So that eventually we could display the on actual gauges (taken out of a car?)

- thelusiv - 01-28-2007

This info is not too hard to get to in the Vamos engine, what kind of export format/method would we use? I've never actually worked with that kind of thing. I have seen a video of it being done with TORCS however.

- jpenguin - 02-11-2007

I was thing some thing like this

you could get some info from

- thelusiv - 02-11-2007

The RVC project is very interesting to me, but I don't see anywhere they describe in detail how they sent data to the gauges from the sim. Do you have a specific link?

- jpenguin - 02-11-2007

this is all I have

- thelusiv - 02-12-2007

Hmm, I'll check into this, there's also some code I can look at in the driving simulator I work on at school that might be useful (it drives the gauges in a real car too). I think it would be a lot easier to do this if I had an actual gauge cluster to work on.