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linux systems with vdrift preinstalled. - lkcl - 01-20-2007

hello darlings,

am a free software developer and i'm trying to sell computers
with linux pre-loaded, to promote linux desktop systems. a good excuse to do that was to look for decent games: vdrift looks like one of them!

does anyone have any ideas - i'm conscious of not wanting to spam people on these forums.

any questions: ask. any ideas, help!


- thelusiv - 01-22-2007

According to the license (GPL) you have every right to do this. However I'm not sure VDrift is all that ready for "prime-time" yet, as it is still missing several key features (career mode, completed network mode). The last version (2006-10-06) is certainly less than ideal.

- uldics - 02-11-2007

Just to add, Debian Etch has vdrift in official package list. Netinst (120 MB) seems to be the fastest way of getting something like that ready for a new PC.
Not that any other distro is worse.

Yes, as another good game there is - Nexuiz (like Unreal Tournament).