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About the tracks - julianlubenov - 12-26-2006

the tracks are actually 2d Sad
That would be very good if you place some hills and some relief. I mean some jumps on some places Smile

- kcid - 12-27-2006


I've read your 3 posts, and I guess you've played allot of Need for speed games right?
This game is not yet a finished game and it's designed by volunteer coders.
So If you want dynamic lightning, nice terrain and other neat stuff, then you can always code it into the game yourself Wink

- clytle374 - 12-29-2006

Unless someone removed them, I'm sure i've seen hills.

Try the cork-screw, that aint flat.


- Nigo - 12-29-2006

jumps ? like in Trackmania ? :lol:

however, the surface could be bumpy :wink: