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If this is a drifting game...? - QNev - 12-13-2006

Then why are there cars like the F1 and AX2? Those do not even handle like they probably should in the game. They are impossible to get around corners.... Just curious as to why cars like these are included? (Not being negative.... Big respect to the modelers)

- kcid - 12-13-2006

They are included just because I've included them Smile, the car file of the AX2 is still being worked on and I agree it's not going well in the corners atm because of to much power and to light tires. A few people asked me to include a modern F1 car so I did 2 days ago. The .car file of that one is from the T73 so it will have to change allot.

I think it would be a good thing to have car categories like: road, sports, race, rally, drifting and stockcar

- Nigo - 12-13-2006

if you don't like the cars, don't use them :roll:
I personnaly love the XS, quite realistic and great fun :wink:

- joevenzon - 12-13-2006

Because it's much more than just a drifting game. In fact, it's probably much better as a general grip racing game than a drift game at the moment.

- cotharyus - 12-13-2006

If you haven't tried the AX2 since my last update, you should try it again. The intention there is an LMP1 type car, since that's what it looks like. The tire model is *very* complex - I've taken it on mostly because it needed doing, and no one else seemed to have time to devote to fiddling with it. If something doesn't seem quite right, and you think you can fix it, please do - because I know I haven't got it all figured out yet Smile