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- abs1nth - 08-17-2007

good sounds like the issue is fixed. Wink

- cotharyus - 08-17-2007

Yep Smile

- cotharyus - 08-27-2007

new packages including frameworks for ogg and vobis are posted at the downloads section of

- cotharyus - 09-02-2007

Updated the packages on to include abs1nth's osx fix and Joe's fix for the mysterious bumps and falling through the track

- cologne - 09-11-2007


I loaded your VDrift_SVN_R1843_full Version. It shows at start Rev. 18201822 ?

It didn´t startup an PPC. After moving files from data/vdrift-data to data/ it starts.

On PPC there is no sound, only some noise.
With the AX2 there is a big problem at laguna seca !?

Is this really Rev 1843 ???

- cotharyus - 09-11-2007

It should be, yes, however, there may be some issues with that. I'm going to upload something else either tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned. Keep in mine, it's an SVN version - anything could happen Smile

- joevenzon - 09-11-2007

Shouldn't be any problems with the AX2 at laguna seca with R1843....

- abs1nth - 09-12-2007

looks like the symlink error is coming up again, thought that was fixed!?

- cotharyus - 09-12-2007

Which symlink error? Is this with something you're building, or one of my builds?

- cotharyus - 09-12-2007

nm, I see what you mean. I'm working on figuring out what's going on with the downloads. It almost looks like people are pulling the old file.

- abs1nth - 09-14-2007

>It almost looks like people are pulling the old file.

yes, because i've just replicated your setup with the symlink and doing a release-deployment build works just fine now.

anyway since the switch from ODE-OPCODE to ODE-GIMPACT just happened, trunk could use some testing Wink

- cotharyus - 09-14-2007

Yea, I'm going to put the files up there again soon - honestly, I have yet to have time to figure out why it's pulling old versions when I've replaced the files it's referencing with new ones.

- cotharyus - 09-14-2007

Ok, pretty sure I've sorted out what was going on with the files being downloaded not being the versions I thought they should be. 1844 should be there now, and all the file sizes are checking out, so it should be ok.

RE: Build for OS X - CatzDog - 09-29-2016

How to obtain or download game?