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- abs1nth - 08-15-2007

i just fixed the deployment script to include the shaders in the minimal version but besides that there seems nothing wrong with it. doing a release-deployment build correctly creates these images for me:
vdrift-full.dmg 309,6 MB
vdrift-minimal.dmg 32,8MB

- cotharyus - 08-15-2007

Yes, I used the release stuff to make the packages. If you've got it sorted now, I'll finish up testing tracks with what I've got then try the new svn and build packages with that, and see how it works. Thanks for taking care of it. I have no issues with making the packages and putting them somewhere they can be downloaded if it aids in testing on another platform.

- abs1nth - 08-16-2007

as i said i fixed nothing besides the shaders not being in the minimal disk image, because i could not reproduce other problems.
i can recommend doing a "clean" and manually look for left over files in the build folder before build.
if you get a image that is not about 310MB (full) or 33MB (minimal) there must be something wrong again.

- cotharyus - 08-16-2007

Ok, I'll run a check on that today.

- cotharyus - 08-16-2007

Ok, building on an Intel mac, 10.4.10, here's what I got when I ran a full clean and build on Release-Deployment:

614M Aug 16 06:52 vdrift-full.dmg
646M Aug 16 06:52 vdrift-minimal.dmg
102B Aug 16 06:52

Mind you, this was with an svn update of src and data prior to running the build. Looks mighty strange to me. Any ideas?

- abs1nth - 08-16-2007

not really any good ideas.

could you go to "Edit Project Settings" and set "Place build products In:" to "Custom location" and choose a new and empty directory there?

if that still doesn't help you can have a look at the (second) "Run Script" "Build Phase" which contains the crude shell script that does the disk image stuff.

- cotharyus - 08-16-2007

Odd as hell. Changing the location of the targets seems to have done it:

615M Aug 16 11:04 vdrift-full.dmg
32M Aug 16 11:04 vdrift-minimal.dmg
102B Aug 16 11:04

- abs1nth - 08-16-2007

hmm 615 for the full one still seems wrong, but the minimal one seems right

do you know what the previous build location was? relative to the vdrift source-tree...

- cotharyus - 08-16-2007

Previous build location was (projects-dir)/vdrift/tools/osx/build/ if memory serves.

Anyhow, if anyone wants to test either of the builds for me, they here again:

- abs1nth - 08-16-2007

ok in the full dmg the data folder is named vdrift-data instead of data. because of this vdrift won't start and also because of this the .svn folders aren't deleted which results in the size difference.

however why the folder is misnamed i have no clue. it is created by this command:
#copy data for full version and remove unnecessary stuff
/Developer/Tools/CpMac -r $SRCROOT/../../data vdrift/

which i don't think can result in a misnamed folder. did you modify the deployment script somehow?

- cotharyus - 08-16-2007

Nope, didn't change a thing. I can tell you that my source is in a directory called "code" or "projects" depending on which computer I'm on, which contains two directories - "vdrift" where the source is, and vdrift-data, where the data is.

- abs1nth - 08-16-2007

aaaaaah that rings a bell

the change to two repositories made that bug possible - before the data directory was sure to be a directory named data inside the vdrift folder

have to think about it tomorrow ;o)

- abs1nth - 08-17-2007

>the change to two repositories made that bug possible
in addition i think you symlinked the vdrift-data folder to the data folder in vdrift? that way the copy picked up the name of the real folder (vdrift-data) instead of the name of the symlink (data).

anyway try trunk, should be fixed.

- cotharyus - 08-17-2007

yes, I did symlink the vdrift-data to a data folder in the vdrift folder. I'll check out the latest stuff and see how it works.

- cotharyus - 08-17-2007

Results of today's build:

309M Aug 17 08:08 vdrift-full.dmg
32M Aug 17 08:08 vdrift-minimal.dmg
102B Aug 17 08:08

These should be posted in the usual location shortly.