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Need help with logos and stuff?! - zackwire - 11-08-2006

Hi guys!

I'm a big fan of the VDrift project and really want to help with some artworkm if you need it...i'm a graphic designer and art director from Brazil with 7 years of experience.

Drop me a line or just e-mail me if you want:

Thanks! And congrats for the great game so far!

- thelusiv - 11-08-2006

Actually, we could use your help. Our logo isn't the most amazing (as you can see) - it's just one I whipped up, and it's OK, but it sorta looks like the Tonka logo, so...yeah. If you would like to create a new logo go right ahead...

Also, if you really want to help the project out, we could use a better looking menu skin. Currently our menus look pretty plain, they need not only a better background but also some better widget drawings. If you're interested in this, I can give you more details on what needs to be done...

Thanks for the offer, and glad you enjoy the game Smile

- zackwire - 11-08-2006

yeah! thanks mate...add me on messenger or mail me with the things you need!