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Minimap during race - rookie1 - 11-08-2006

Is there a plan to show a minimap of the track during race, and car's position on the track?

- thelusiv - 11-08-2006

This wouldn't be too hard to do, if we had a good way to make an outline of all the tracks.

- joevenzon - 11-08-2006

Thinking about this for a bit, I don't think it'd be tooooo tough. We might even be able to do it dynamically (that is, not relying on a pre-made bitmap.

- rookie1 - 11-12-2006

Another suggestion, might be even better if we can also display a map of the track at the car&track selection screen.

- thelusiv - 11-13-2006

A map before the game starts would be nice, we used to have them, but now we simply don't have the graphics for our new tracks. It wouldn't be too hard to make some or maybe even dynamically generating them, as Joe fact, why not generate them as the game starts and it reads its list of available tracks? Then the same maps could be displayed in the track selection and in-game.

- joevenzon - 11-13-2006

Not a bad idea.