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Car "types" menu - reece146 - 11-07-2006

I'm working on a model of the Subaru Impreza (~93-01 GM body shell) in multiple different (Stock NA GM6, GM6 with normal induction mods, GM6 with forced induction, etc.).

Currently when I go through the car selection menu I pan through GM6, GM6 HC, GM6T, etc.

I was thinking the menu would be more efficient if it was able to select a platform and then a sub spec. Using the CS as an example:

+ 1972 RS
+ 1974 IROC
+ 1977 SC
+ 1984 Turbo
+ 1988 Carrera
+ etc...

Is there a limit on the number of characters used for a car in the menu? There must be given the layout.

Again, just an idea.

- joevenzon - 11-08-2006

Not a bad idea. thelusiv, what do you think? Can you think of a way that this be incorporated into the "parts config" concept somehow?

- reece146 - 11-08-2006

Just thinking out loud...

Should the "unique" descriptions all be in the same .car file? Perhaps create a header that says what versions of the car are within the file, then each section has a different set of data depending on the car selected.

Something like:

[ versions ]
RS 2.5
RS 2.5 HC
RS 2.5 Turbo

[ engine ]
   [ RS 2.5 ]
      // whatever the specs are
   [ RS 2.5 HC ]
      // more specs
   [ RS 2.5 Turbo ]
      // more crazy specs

[ transmission ]
   // whatever default specs go here
   [ RS 2.5 Turbo ]
       // different specs for this setup just because
       // we want to try an STi "dog box"

Or something like that. Separate dir/config would be a lot simpler of course but then you need to come up with a mechainsm to link like cars - maybe through the cars-list.txt file or the subdirectory about.txt files?

- thelusiv - 11-08-2006

Hmm, that's one way to do it, however I'm not sure if our config file format will handle nesting quite like that, maybe something like this would fly in it:
[ engine_RS_2.5 ]
[ engine_RS_2.5_HC ]
[ engine_RS_2.5_Turbo ]
Or something along those lines. Also, I've thought of doing this before but here's the way I envisioned it:
  • Cars would be defined as they are now, and the car definitions would represent the "base model" of the car
  • Other cars could be defined as modifications of another base model - that is, it would copy all the settings from another car, and then add some parts to it using our parts system.
  • These new cars could then be used as the basis for yet another car. Cars stemming from the same root base model would be grouped together in the game.

- joevenzon - 11-08-2006

thelusiv: sounds good. shouldn't be too tough to implement.

- reece146 - 11-09-2006

So, if I am understanding you correctly, you would have something like a standard car definition, say,

Also in that directory you would have something like and inside this file there would be the sections that are unique to that car, say [ engine RS_HC ].

Actually, the file could have the standard [ engine ] header that supplants the default file's version. No need to create a funky new engine header/label.