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game doesn't start - nik600 - 10-22-2006


i've installed vdrift on a slackware 11.0 with glx and 3d acceleration support.

The game works, i can start it, select the car, the track, set controls, ecc ecc

When i start a new game the engine goes to full power but the car doesn't start, even if the automatic clutch is selected.

Where am i wrong?

this is the output:

nik600@hostt:~/.vdrift$ vdrift
Found config file /home/nik600/.vdrift/controls.
Found config file /home/nik600/.vdrift/carsettings/CS.
Found config file /home/nik600/.vdrift/carsettings/XS.
Found config file /home/nik600/.vdrift/carsettings/GT.
Found config file /home/nik600/.vdrift/carsettings/XSR.
Found config file /home/nik600/.vdrift/carsettings/XM.
Found config file /home/nik600/.vdrift/.
The version of your config file does not match the version of VDrift.
You may have problems running the game. Delete your ~/.vdrift/VDrift.config
to fix this.

Run with -verbose for troubleshooting.
Run with -nosound to disable sound.
Run with -datadir /path/to/vdrift/data to change the data directory in your local settings.
Run with -defaultdatadir /path/to/vdrift/data (as root) to change the data directory system-wide.
Note: after running "vdrift -defaultdatadir ..." as root, delete your ~/.vdrift/VDrift.config file.
1 joystick(s) found:
0. Microsoft SideWinder Joystick
Multitexture units (4 are required for all effects): 8
Your GPU meets the texture unit requirements.

Note to user: All error messages will be put in /home/nik600/.vdrift/logs/.

- joevenzon - 10-22-2006

To get the car to start moving, you need to 1) shift into gear and 2) re-engage the clutch, even with autoclutch on. This means that in the "Assign Controls" screen you need to bind whatever button you set to "Shift Up" to "Engage Clutch" also (same for "Shift Down"). Does this help?

- nik600 - 10-22-2006

ah !

ok, now it's fine