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Joe Script - Scionic - 09-12-2006

Where is the joe script? :? I really want to test a car in VDrift :wink: I saw the link in the FAQ but that leads me to the download page and I don't know which file to download...

- joevenzon - 09-12-2006

The .joe export script for Blender is in this download:

It's tarred and has bzip2 compression, so if you're on windows you'll need to find the appropriate tools to get at the contents of the archive.

- kcid - 09-13-2006

Scionic and Joe,

The bzip2 and tar compressed files can be unzipped with winrar and the unzip utility standard delivered in Windows XP.


This brings me to a new something. I'm going to try and convert the python script for blender to a 3ds Max maxscript file and also to a export script for Zmodeler. This way I and other modellers can also use Max or Zmodeller for building cars/tracks, this way more modellers can build cars/tracks.
Zmodeller is used allot in the NFS/GTA/Racer comunnities for building cars/tracks.

- joevenzon - 09-13-2006

Sounds good!