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It seems no one post their replays - uranus0206 - 08-28-2006

Do anyone can share their replays??

i want to learn how to drive well

- thelusiv - 08-28-2006

I haven't had time to make replays lately. Anybody else?

Are you looking for drifting replays or regular best-time-possible racing?

- clytle374 - 09-01-2006

Hmm, if i were to post a replay how would i do it?

- thelusiv - 09-02-2006

Just get the 1.vdr file out of your ~/.vdrift/replays directory and post it up on the internet somewhere. For someone to use it, they must replace the 1.vdr file in their ~/.vdrift/replays directory. Next version will hopefully include some way to make multiple replays.

- joevenzon - 09-02-2006

Also, at the moment, they must have the exact same track and car data as you recorded the replay on. So if you're going to record a replay for post on the internet, use the latest release of VDrift, not what's in SVN.

- clytle374 - 09-04-2006

Sorry a AVI files was the best i could do:
Warning: The police have displayed disapproval of above driving style.