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Mac, Windows, or Linux? - QNev - 08-27-2006

Personally, I'm not patient enough to be a Windows user so I just have to say OS X!

Re: Mac, Windows, or Linux? - clytle374 - 08-27-2006

QNev Wrote:Personally, I'm not patient enough to be a Windows user so I just have to say OS X!
patient? I thought it was tolerant.
At least Mac os X is a 'ux.

- TerraRoot - 08-27-2006

i don't get the point of doing this again

- clytle374 - 08-27-2006

TerraRoot Wrote:i don't get the point of doing this again

Hmmm, well kinda like the point in a game, that simulates a racing style that is slower, and destroys tires. :wink:
Plus in computer time, thats from like 20 Yrs ago. ie this is the grandson of the computer that voted in that poll.

- thelusiv - 08-27-2006

I run Linux and that's pretty much it. That's not to say I wouldn't run OS X, at least for a little while. But I don't use Windows, I don't even have it installed. It's not because I don't know how, but simply because I don't enjoy it much.

Yeah, so the poll has been around before, but hasn't every forum poll? Smile Also, you left off FreeBSD!

- clytle374 - 08-28-2006

Yes we need FreeBSD. I just noticed this, OS X is a ux, FreeBSD is a ux, linux obviously a ux,
so all thats left are ux's and doze's

On the subject, well kinda anyway. I found this on error reports of OS used in a major distrubited computing project.

Error rates are lower than ever (2% Linux, 5% Windows, 6% Mac)
But then all Mac's aren't ux's Smile

- QNev - 08-28-2006

Ahhh you can't edit polls! :? What's with that!?

- thelusiv - 08-28-2006

I can edit it by editing your first post...I'm not sure if it will let you edit the poll since that would be like cheating to add another poll option after people have already voted. Would you like for me to add FreeBSD to your poll? Smile

- QNev - 08-28-2006

Go for it bro Smile