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What tracks work in current SVN - clytle374 - 08-27-2006

detroit, laguna seem broken.
Is this due to the variable friction surfaces?

Is the anything in the works for saving diffrent cars setups?
Drifting if fun but my main enjoyment is racing, I'd like to be able to save setups for both.

- joevenzon - 08-27-2006

As of this post, I believe Road Atlanta is the only track in SVN that has been adjusted to support variable friction surfaces. You are correct, the other tracks don't work due to the friction additions. I'll go through and see if I can't quickly convert all of the other tracks (with the default full friction values for all surfaces... for now).

- joevenzon - 08-27-2006

Okay, I did this and checked in the results, rev 1232. I did the following:

add 10 to the top of the list.txt file

run the following in listedit:
addparam 1.0
addparam 0.9
addparam 1.0
addparam 0.0
set 0 * 6 1.0
set 0 * 7 0

add the following to track.txt:
non-treaded friction coefficient = 1.0
treaded friction coefficient = 0.9

- clytle374 - 08-27-2006

Thanks, They work now.