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Game doesn't work, just shows the intro and then stops. - Wolfskin - 08-26-2006

Yeah, i have a problem. I can't play VDrift, because it stops when showing that intro. Im using a Windows XP. Do i have to download that again? It would be nice to get it work. So, please help me!

- Steve14 - 08-27-2006

Are you sure you have installed SDL and FMOD ? Please check your OpenGL, too.


- Wolfskin - 08-27-2006

Thx for advice... I should check if im installed those Tongue

- thelusiv - 08-27-2006

You don't need FMOD, that's no longer required. OpenAL (the current sound library) is included with VDrift for Windows, and I believe SDL, SDL_net, and SDL_image are also.

What kind of graphics card do you have, how fast is your computer, how much memory do you have, and do other OpenGL games typically work OK?

- Wolfskin - 08-27-2006

I've installed OpenAl and Sdl now, and it doesnt work. Sad

EDIT: My computer has enough memory, and it runs LFS good. Does VDrift need
faster computer?

- thelusiv - 08-27-2006

Since LFS has been around for a while and is not still in development like VDrift they have done a little more optimizing than we have. However it still takes a decent computer to run LFS, so it should be fast enough...but I don't know, how fast is it? More importantly what kind of video card do you have and with how much video memory?

- Wolfskin - 08-27-2006

Im not very sure of those, but my computer have a NVidia video card(Im not sure, im not a computer geek :lol: ) Video memory is ummm... 2-4mb maybe.

- QNev - 08-27-2006

Things like this make me glad to have a Mac :lol:

- Wolfskin - 08-29-2006

Ok, really i need help. I want to get this thing work. Unfortunately, it doesnt work still. What should i do? I've installen OpenAl, And the others. Need help fast Sad

- thelusiv - 08-29-2006

VDrift has some logs it writes when it runs. if you can find your VDrift.config (not the one in VDrift/data/settings/ but the other one), and look where it is in a subdirectory called logs, you will find the logs I'm talking about. There should also be a stdout.txt somewhere that has all the stuff that VDrift usually prints on the console if it is run there.

Sorry I don't know the exact locations of these on Windows, I don't use it...

- FFuser - 08-31-2006

logs should be in
c:\Documents And Settings\yourusername\.vdrift\logs

but the first thing you should try is upgrading your windows AND your drivers (especially graphics card drivers)

I have the same problem - newser - 09-01-2006

Hello, i have the same problem. My comp is Celeron 1,33 with g. card TNT2 32MB.
My logs from c:\Documents And Settings\yourusername\.vdrift\logs:

main, WIN32: wglGetProcAddress("glMultiTexCoord4fARB") failed.
main, WIN32: wglGetProcAddress("glMultiTexCoord2fARB") failed.
main, WIN32: wglGetProcAddress("glActiveTextureARB") failed.
main, WIN32: wglGetProcAddress("glClientActiveTextureARB") failed.

- joevenzon - 09-01-2006

Your TNT2 card doesn't support multi-texturing (c'mon, it's 7 years old). Try getting a new card, preferably one made this century. :-) You can get an AGP NVIDIA FX5200, which should work fine, for under $30.

- thelusiv - 09-02-2006

Joe, what do we use multi-texturing for? Is it possible that we could make those things options, and then have the CARDINFO class set certain effects off for older cards?

- joevenzon - 09-02-2006

Well, here's the thing, it is optional, but the way the windows code is written, if your drivers don't know about the functions themselves, it errors out. You could certainly adjust the code to make it optional, since the game is set up for that, but I'm not sure how well it's going to perform on a TNT2 -- I'm skeptical you'd get the FPS into double digits.