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- clytle374 - 08-01-2006

It (scons VS emerge) should be OK since i know what it is, where it goes, and it doesn't have anything depending on it. right?
Freaking udev, it thinks my Joy is a printer, and my printer well, I'm starting to wonder if it still works at all.
Hope to be back soon, linux on a USB flash drive is handy Smile

And the answer to the origonal question is:
at least not on this machine.
After switching to gentoo, and learing how to do a 32-bit chroot i built vdrift with scons (objdump shows elf32) I copied the vdrift binary to the 64 bit enviroment and it runs fine.

How would i do a benchmark for even comparison?? just run a replay??

- clytle374 - 08-03-2006

I guess i shouldn't edit. Is the replay a valid benchmark?


- thelusiv - 08-03-2006

Yes I'd say a replay is a valid benchmark from the same camera angle, resolution, etc. You should be able to tell the difference if it's much faster at all with the framerate counter. We're working on a feature to report an average framerate after a replay, I'll post here whenever it's ready...

- clytle374 - 08-03-2006

64 bit 2-3 faster, it varies here and there. 32 quicker in some places.
This should be valid. I'm going to post on the gentoo site to get some more info. I've learned a ton, but Iam slightly terrified at what i've learned i don't know.