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vdrift server - feldmaus - 07-24-2006


it would be nice, if there would be a vdrift server.
I wanna drive 8)

bye markus

- uldics - 02-11-2007

Server wouldn't be the cheapest way. Better would be an often updated file on the webserver, where any new server would post its IP, gametype, players, tracks, status. Then a new players vdrift game would ask this file - is there any servers waiting for a new player? Yes, there are - here you have a list, connect to any of them. If there isnt any, I create a server (host game) myself and inform this file.
It would be just an easy method of centralizing the info in a way, not asking more access types and resources of a server. Kinda like DC has its hublists or torrents have their trackers.

- Nigo - 02-11-2007

we first need a proper multiplayer layer, for now it's only one client per server :roll:
then we'll think about a masterserver
the solution you're talking about, uldics, have serious security flaws... where do we put the FTP password ? :roll: :lol:

- uldics - 02-11-2007

If there is only ftp access and no way to have a script or something to control what is posted, that could be a problem. Maybe there could be a public folder, where anybody could post a little file, restricted in size, and a script on webserver (or anybody with an authentication access) to delete too big/old(in terms of some minutes) files and ban an excessive sender IP).
Just some ideas for workarounds.

- Nigo - 02-11-2007

I don't know such a website, but that makes me think we can do something with PHP and a database, which a lot of public websites provide
anyway it'd get probably harder (and uglier) than to implement a real masterserver

- thelusiv - 02-11-2007

I was planning on using Ruby on Rails or Python, but yes, something database driven would probably be best.

- Nigo - 02-12-2007

even though I don't think it's necessary / a good idea to use a webserver as a masterserver, if you want to I'm up to the job Wink

- thelusiv - 02-12-2007

Do you suggest coding a custom C/C++ application for the master server? My biggest concern would be security, it's not hard to cause a buffer overflow when working with compiled code, so we'd have to take some well thought out and proven security precautions, but it's doable. I figured making a secure web application would be simpler. Either way is fine with me, I just worry about cheating and such. As long as we can make sure that doesn't happen then whatever approach works for me.

- Nigo - 02-13-2007

what do you call cheating ? hacking or "simulation related" cheating ? in the latter, I'd say the masterserver have no control on it
anyway both solutions are fine for me too :wink:

- thelusiv - 02-13-2007

I mean cheating, like people sending the master server fake data with another program, in order to improve their rank, or something like that. Or possibly, they could cheat by sending back modified data while playing in-game that would confuse other players or something like that.

- Nigo - 02-13-2007

since vdrift is open-source, there is not much we can do about it, can we ?
for now I think cheaters are not interested about vDrift anyway Wink

- stenyak - 02-14-2007

If you don't want to run specific server side programs, i suggest using a simple php page.

Clients can do a GET http request, something like
when the server is created.

Then use action=remove when server is closed.

Then have the php file check server status everytime a user tries to read the server list (or whenever you want), and have dead ones removed automatically.

This doesn't require a db, nor a c++ program, nor anything.. just a php file and a txt/csv file.

Of course, you may want to get multiplayer implemented first :lol:

- Nigo - 02-14-2007

agree, looks good :wink:

- thelusiv - 02-14-2007

I think cheating can be avoided even in an open source program. This will require that we take some care of course, and do a good job checking the data that is sent to the server. My biggest reason for using a scripting language rather than a compiled one is that if someone does compromise the server, they will have less chance to take over the entire system with the compromised server, than they would with C++ code.

But stenyak makes a good point, all this is moot until we get some multiplayer code.

- stenyak - 02-14-2007

For an open source driving sim, this is the only way (i can think of) that allows detecting cheating:
(excuse me if that post is not very clear, i'll re explain here if you want)

The only way to fool that system would be to code a very good AI that does the driving for you (and better than you, which is the difficult bit Wink ).