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problem with shifting gears - santosestrella - 07-21-2006


just started using vdrift. Have a problem though from the start. I can't shift even to first gear. It stays on neutral or reverse. When you try to shift, the car just shakes. then nothing happen.

Please help me on this. Even after using the default control or changing them. nothing happens

Thank you

- joevenzon - 07-21-2006

Sounds like you may be stalling the car. Try giving it more gas as you shift, or try turning on the auto-clutch.

- santosestrella - 07-22-2006

Greetings again.

I tried tried giving it more gas, and using auto clutch. Still with same problem.

- thelusiv - 07-22-2006

I don't know what operating system you're running but can you find the "controls" file and post it here on the forum? On Linux the file is /home/user/.vdrift/controls where user is your username.