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nice game - clytle374 - 06-30-2006

Hello all. Definatly a nice peice of work. nurburring, gt40, AX2 (mclaren f1)??
I have to admit that untill i got it working a expected some nice graphics and some playstation physics, exspecialy after reading people knocking torcs physics. Torcs is better than most, well this is better.

I'll have to do a little non drift tune-ing to some of the cars, but not to the understeer point for sure. Gotta go for time once in a while. Big Grin

Well gotta get back to this AX2 thing, then to the track editor. road america?? vintage road america??, watkins glen??, vintage??

Heck lets get a (gps/sat/video recording) module for the track editor and well get my road too. Idea