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I'll Help - ugotskoold - 06-24-2006

Hey Guys. Im new to Vdrift and was wondering if i could get involved in the devolpment of this project? Maybe do some gameplay testing or something. I have a 1.42 ghz,Os x Tiger, 512mb of ram, Mac Mini G4. Also a 3 year old Imac, 800mhz powerpc G4, running osx panther. 512 mb of ram. So anyways, hope to help with devolpment. Pretty new at designing games but I know a few things...I guess. Hope to help! Seems Like fun!

- thelusiv - 06-25-2006

We'd love to have some extra help! The first step is to download and compile the development version of the game. See the FAQ's on building on OS X and downloading from SVN. If you have any questions please ask Smile

- ugotskoold - 06-25-2006

Ill try and start working. Thanks.