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More Dynamic Rear View Camera - .ize - 05-30-2006

It would be a great benefit to the game if the car wouldn't look so static in the rear camerea view.

I dont know exactly how this is realised, but i suppose the camera have to roll a little more sideways (timeshifted) after the cars movement.


- thelusiv - 05-30-2006

There isn't really a rear view camera at all...There's an orbiting camera which goes all around the car (controlled by mouse) and a few others but none that just looks behind. This would be a good camera view to add, however. Then players could switch to it with a button or key.

- joevenzon - 05-30-2006

Thelusiv, I think he means the chase camera.

.ize, the view you want already exists. You are probably using the Chase (rigid) view instead of the Chase (loose) view. I believe they default to F3 for the rigid one and F4 for the loose one. Try pressing F4!