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Site upgrade - thelusiv - 03-24-2006

I've upgraded the web site to Geeklog 1.4.0sr1, and along with it I've upgraded several related plugins.

During this switch I decided to move from the old Geeklog Forum Plugin to the phpBB Bridge plugin. All the old posts should have been imported to the new forum. Please let me know if you find any forum problems.

I also moved from Gallery 1.x to the Geeklog Media Gallery Plugin. I think this plugin more cleanly integrates with the site and easier to maintain than Gallery 2.x, plus it is a native Geeklog plugin rather than a bridged-in separate gallery. Again, if there are any problems with it, let me know.

The FAQ manager plugin was not upgraded. It will soon be replaced by a wiki.

- thelusiv - 03-25-2006

The aforementioned wiki is up but has almost no content:

- joevenzon - 03-25-2006

Looks good so far.

- charlieg - 04-01-2006

Slow week in the forum after the upgrade, eh?

- thelusiv - 04-02-2006

Indeed. I've been pretty busy with school, and I think Joe's busy too. Things will pick back up before long though...

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