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VDrift 2014-11-22 test build - NaN - 11-22-2014

This is a hud branch build. It includes Win64 executables and source files for Linux testers.


Source\Data branches:

The files of interest for hud modding are:

You can modify the existing hud pages (Hud, GaugesHud) or add your own hud pages (MyFancyHud).

When adding a new hud page you have to tell the game about it. Edit options.config display.hud list like this:
[ display.hud ]
desc = Change head-up display mode.
type = string
default = Hud
values = list
num_vals = 4
opt03 = Fancy
val03 = MyFancyHud

Current hud selection implementation has a minor deficiency. All hud pages are updated each frame. So don't go all crazy adding dozens of hud pages (yes, this can be fixed, I consider it a minor issue though) Wink